With our many years of experience and the knowledge of the market we have gained over this time, we know exactly which products some sectors will be needing in the future. One example is the "da Vinci" microsurgical operation system, which employs a robot to operate on the patient. Patients profit from a particularly sensitive treatment, doctors save a great deal of time and have equipment at their disposal which works much more accurately than they ever could.

Our cameras which are used in these instruments therefore have to be even smaller, yet at the same time must have a higher resolution and an unsurpassed performance. We want to use our potential in a sustainable manner to improve patients' chances of recovery and to enhance their quality of life to the best of our ability.


Industrial companies must invest consistently in technologies and concepts which are viable in the long term and also combine economic and ecological considerations. The main prerequisites for this are efficient, closed-loop production processes that conserve resources and prevent waste.

As a supplier of system components for the implementation of futuristic and environmentally-friendly logistics management, we are a partner of WINCOR NIXDORF, responsible for the camera technology in the "Revendo 9000" reverse vending machines. A CCD camera scans the shape and label of bottles. Even bottle crates that are identical in construction and color can be precisely identified by means of a stereo vision process, which creates an image of the crates and color logos.

In Germany, Wincor Nixdorf reverse vending machines are already saving more than 800,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year.


With rapidly increasing mobility, greater demands are also being placed on modern vehicles. Manufacturers and supply firms must ensure that even the smallest component is of excellent quality and that it operates with extreme precision to offer the highest degree of protection possible.

ept is one of the leading system providers of electronic precision technology and is certified in compliance with the most stringent quality and safety standards. NET is also committed to this principle and supports the company's demand for perfection with high-sensitivity FOculus cameras, which monitor and guarantee the seamless quality of connectors in the pressfit technology field. This approach has proven its worth many times over – to date not one single vehicle has been returned to the repair shop due to a faulty ept connector anywhere in the world.

Practical Development Sector: IDEAS FOR CREATIVE SOLUTIONS

We are not satisfied until we have turned single high-quality components into a complete concept that best meets the required qualification standards. We are in our element when we are given a demanding task which not only requires all our experience, but which also gives us the chance to use our talents to come up with clever ideas, exploit our creative potential and demonstrate our flexibility.

NET has developed a process to enable whole bottles to be examined quickly in just one single image. The combination of a large telecentric lens and telecentric lighting together with a 10 megapixel iCube camera makes multiple exposures or multiple camera systems unnecessary.


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