Products: 45
Cable  downup Specification  downup Numer Of Poles  downup Length  downup Right Angle  downup Cable Direction  downup
UC-1MRobot cable 1M    
UC-1M Robot cable 1M        
UC-2MRobot cable 2M    
UC-2M Robot cable 2M        
UC-3MRobot cable 3M    
UC-3M Robot cable 3M        
UC-5MRobot cable 5M    
UC-5M Robot cable 5M        
UCNR-1MNon-robot cable 1M    
UCNR-1M Non-robot cable 1M        
UCNR-2MNon-robot cable 2M    
UCNR-2M Non-robot cable 2M        
UCNR-3MNon-robot cable 3M    
UCNR-3M Non-robot cable 3M        
UCNR-5MNon-robot cable 5M    
UCNR-5M Non-robot cable 5M        
UCNR-B2Two branch cable    
UCNR-B2 Two branch cable        
UCNR-B4Four branch cable    
UCNR-B4 Four branch cable        
UCP-1MRobot cable 1M    
UCP-1M Robot cable 1M        
UCP-2MRobot cable 2M    
UCP-2M Robot cable 2M        
UCP-3MRobot cable 3M    
UCP-3M Robot cable 3M        
UCP-5MRobot cable 5M    
UCP-5M Robot cable 5M        
UCPNR-1MNon-robot cable 1M    
UCPNR-1M Non-robot cable 1M        
UCPNR-2MNon-robot cable 2M    
UCPNR-2M Non-robot cable 2M        
UCPNR-3MNon-robot cable 3M    
UCPNR-3M Non-robot cable 3M        
UCPNR-5MNon-robot cable 5M    
UCPNR-5M Non-robot cable 5M        
UTC-3P2P3P - 2P adapter    
UTC-3P2P 3P - 2P adapter        
UTC-EXC-25Pfor D-sub25pin connector    
UTC-EXC-25P for D-sub25pin connector        
UTC-EXC-4Pfor 4P connector    
UTC-EXC-4P for 4P connector        
VCB018 21.8m  
VCB018   2 1.8m    
VCB018-AC1 21.8myesfront
VCB018-AC1   2 1.8m yes front
VCB018-AC2 21.8myesrear
VCB018-AC2   2 1.8m yes rear
VCB030 23m  
VCB030   2 3m    
VCB030-AC1 23myesfront
VCB030-AC1   2 3m yes front
VCB030-AC2 23myesrear
VCB030-AC2   2 3m yes rear
VCB050 25m  
VCB050   2 5m    
VCB050-AC1 25myesfront
VCB050-AC1   2 5m yes front
VCB050-AC2 25myesrear
VCB050-AC2   2 5m yes rear
VCB100 210m  
VCB100   2 10m    
VCB100-AC1 210myesfront
VCB100-AC1   2 10m yes front
VCB100-AC2 210myesrear
VCB100-AC2   2 10m yes rear
VCC018 31.8m  
VCC018   3 1.8m    
VCC018-AC1 31.8myesfront
VCC018-AC1   3 1.8m yes front
VCC018-AC2 31.8myesrear
VCC018-AC2   3 1.8m yes rear
VCC030 33m  
VCC030   3 3m    
VCC030-AC1 33myesfront
VCC030-AC1   3 3m yes front
VCC030-AC2 33myesrear
VCC030-AC2   3 3m yes rear
VCC050 35m  
VCC050   3 5m    
VCC050-AC1 35myesfront
VCC050-AC1   3 5m yes front
VCC050-AC2 35myesrear
VCC050-AC2   3 5m yes rear
VCC100 310m  
VCC100   3 10m    
VCC100-AC1 310myesfront
VCC100-AC1   3 10m yes front
VCC100-AC2 310myesrear
VCC100-AC2   3 10m yes rear

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