CCD DSP COLOR VIDEOCAMERA Controller with remote head

The 1-CCD-videocamera for OEM applications has been developed for easy integration
into custom systems. The system can be used in a wide range of different applications,
especially in the medical fi eld. The system is designed to support different CCD's with a
single controller and provides an analog and digital image output.


• Digital Signal Processor
• ALC ON/OFF switchable
• Compatibel to Sony 1/6"; 1/10" CCD
• Analog image output 2x VBS; Y/C
• Auto White Balance (OnePush)
• Brightless (controlled by ALC Level)
• Enhancement (high, mid, low) adjustment
• OSD Information
• Circle Blanking
• Customizing User Settting (to emphasize a blood vessel)



• Endoscopy, Microscopy, Dental
• Dermatology, Ophthalmology
• Image processing, Visualisation

Delivery includes

• CSH 1/6" / CSH 1/10"
• Cable 3.5m / 5 m optional
• Option: cable termination with customer specific connectors


• OSD, Videomemory


Products: 2
CSU9002  downup Resolution (H x V) [px]  downup Sensor Size  downup Sensor  downup Type  downup
CSU9002758 x 492 / NTSC1/6", 1/10"CCDColor
CSU9002 758 x 492 / NTSC 1/6", 1/10" CCD Color
CSU9002P752 x 582 / PAL1/6", 1/10"CCDColor
CSU9002P 752 x 582 / PAL 1/6", 1/10" CCD Color

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